Save Money When You Go To The ER In San Antonio

Don't Go Broke When Receiving Emergency Medical Care - ER in San AntonioYour medical bills shouldn’t cause a heart attack! The last thing My Emergency Room 24/7 wants for our patients is to give them a reason to return to the emergency room! That’s why we want to share the best ways to save you money when you visit our ER in San Antonio. Usually when an emergency strikes, the last thing on your mind is money, so one of the most important things you can do is to have a plan of action when an emergency arises. Being prepared with a medical bag, providing helpful answers, and taking an active role in your medical statement are all great ways that you can save money. Find out exactly what it takes to save money the next time your visit a San Antonio ER.

Save Money By Being Prepared

In the grand scheme of things, it always seems like those who are prepared turn out to be more successful. The same can be said about being prepared when an emergency strikes. Here are a couple of ways that preparation can actually save you money when you visit an ER in San Antonio.


Have A Medical Bag Ready – In your medical bag you will want to have your medical records and most recent history from your doctor, a list of any allergies, and any current medications you are on. Having this information helps your doctor understand a little more about your history and can help to save money by reducing the chance of being given any unnecessary tests or labs.


Let Us Help You – Giving your doctors and nurses any helpful information about your symptoms, can also help you avoid additional tests. Providing your doctor with as much information as you can, allows them to narrow down the cause of your medical issue.

Save Money On Your Medical Statement

Emergency Care Expenses - ER in San AntonioBefore My Emergency Room 24/7 has time to send out your medical bill, be sure to stop by the billing department on your way out. We want to make sure that all your questions and concerns are being heard. When you speaking with our billing department be sure to share or request the following information to help save you money:


Request An Itemized Statement – We are more than happy to provide information that will show you exactly what was done while you were in the ER in San Antonio.


Provide Financial Information – If you need to claim financial hardship or do not have insurance be sure to let us know right away and provide the correct documents to help your claim.


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Pay Regularly – At My Emergency Room 24/7 we are more than happy to answer all of your questions concerning your statement. Make sure to make regular payments even if you still need some questions answered. Paying regularly can help to avoid any medical bills from being sent to collections.


If you have any more questions about how to save money at your ER in San Antonio, don’t hesitate to call us. We are more than happy to help!