Most people who’ve enjoyed a trip to the beach or swimming pool might tell you that leisure comes with a price, including red, hot, itchy skin that hurts to touch, even as you lather on some gentle aloe vera or another dollop of Coppertone. Though you think you did your best in covering up, the sun has its way with leaving an unsightly sunburn. Here’s how to naturally heal your sunburn and practice effective damage control:

Eat Hydrating Foods. While applying more moisturizer onto your skin seems like a reasonable solution, putting water-rich fruits into your body helps to heal your sunburn. Damage from the sun dries your body as a whole, and stocking up on fruits like watermelon and cantaloupe provides the fortification needed for your skin to naturally heal.

Reduce the Friction and Heat. Even after you’ve escaped the sun’s rays, items within the coolness of your home can thwart efforts to heal your sunburn. You might already be familiar with the chaffing that occurs when you go to bed with a rash. Do your best to comfortably cut back on linens and heavy bedding materials. Temporarily sleeping on an air mattress might promote better sleep and rapid healing as you rest surrounded by less heat. Resting your body as a whole is crucial as you heal your sunburn.

Stop Touching Your Skin. Sunburns come with ugly blisters and peeling skin that you might feel tempted to pull at. Don’t. A full recovery from sunburns usually requires 3 to 6 months of monitoring and treatment, and picking at your skin only prevents you from restoring good health. Peeling your skin only increases your risk of serious infection and in the case of persistent blisters, treat them with a sterilized needle held above an open flame. Know that blisters are to be treated within the first 24 hours of their emerging. Afterwards, let them be and allow your body to heal itself.

Sunburns are a widespread affliction with serious implications, and if constantly experienced, leave the sufferer increasingly prone to skin cancer. My Emergency Room 24/7 recommends quick action and continuous monitoring to heal your sunburn and overall well-being. If you are located within the San Marcos area, call us today.

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