Camp Gladiator

Work it! I need a glass of water.

Hey Everyone!
Ever since I started my fitness journey, I’ve always been amazed at how this community works. I’ve made friends through Gold’s Gym, and other 5k events I’ve participated in. I truly believe this is the type of community that pushes me to try new things, and this idea was totally reinforced at our last night’s event. On Tuesday night our San Antonio facility teamed up with Camp Gladiator to host a FREE 45 minute full-body workout that was open to the public. When our Trainer Jennifer was setting-up for the workout I expressed to her how I wanted to do it, but I was scared and intimidated. ALSO, I don’t like exercising outside when the sun is out – Texas heat is no joke – so I automatically felt like I wouldn’t be able to keep up with the other campers and be judged.

Without much convincing from Jennifer, I joined the workout and was not disappointed! Trainers,Jennifer and Ashley, pushed me to use more weight, corrected my form and encourage me to go at my own pace. The endurance base workout was no joke! I sweated off my name tag within the first 15 minutes. The beginning of the workout was a warm-up and then we broke off into teams, again –
community– this is the part where you build a relationship and empower one another. My two random partners and I ended up having this bond where we just wanted to see each other do better, and to do their best. #encouragement

If you’re interested in joining Camp Gladiator, or want to find a free workout checkout their website