Northside ISD Partner-of-the-Year Awards Reception

Last week my wife, Laura, and I attended the Northside ISD Partner-of-the-Year Awards Reception.

The event itself was amazing, and inspired great ideas about how My Emergency Room 24/7 can contribute to NISD programs in the future. At the event Laura and I enjoyed viewing the student artwork provided from all schools across the district. A student music group also performed a collection of uplifting instrumental songs. Once the band finished playing the winners were announced. It was inspiring to learn about all the great things both winners and nominees did for NISD; which included donation of volunteer hours, funding scholarship programs and mentorship. One business even started a competitive robotics class for the district.

I feel very blessed that My Emergency Room 24/7 was an honoree. I look forward to growing our partnership with Northside Independent School District.

View the list of the winners here.

– Ryan Cradeur, MD